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By means of the print editor, any type and number of print form templates can be created. Such template can link to any patient images, findings, results, text flields, tables, logos, or other print form elements.  Displaying and Printing is possible on tab |Images| or |Letters|. Letters can be managed patient-relatedly and reopened or printed anytime later from tab |Patient| or |Letters|.

Find below some print form templates for download and free use. By link [Preview] a PDF-preview of the layout can be displayed. in a new browser window or tab. To install a print form template, simply download the patch file on any local OnyxCeph³™ network client and load  via menu Options|Install Patch. Done this, the layout will be available on all clients.1


 [Preview] Onyx_Ceph_IOS_Patch.O3P
 [Preview] Onyx_Ceph_Roth_Jarabak_Patch.O3P
 [Preview] Onyx_Photo_Schwarz_Tübingen_Patch.O3P
 [Preview] IDI-Analyse (Ceph)
 [Preview] Moyers_Mixed_Dentition (75%)
 [Preview] Onyx_Mixed_WALA
 [Preview] Onyx_Permanent


1 Please note that it might be necessary to customize the layouts with respect to the individual parameters for image size, font size, language and desktop settings etc. on the local client.
Read more about how to customize templates here.

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