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Presentation templates aim to create informative case presentations fast and easily. For this purpose, the templates can automatically be filled with the session-related images, treatment plans, and other treatment-related information (incl. 3D). If needed, each presentation element still can be adjusted and modified individually very similar to what you know from PowerPoint. This way, on tab |Presentation| a comprehensive case documentation can be created by only a few mouse clicks to be used for patient education or to be handed over to the patient after treatment was completed as printed album or  electronical report Gallery and presentation templates are managed in an identical list on systemoptions tab  |Galleries| but both can have separate settings for activation and sequencing. 

Find below some gallery templates for download and free use1. By link [Preview] a preview of the layout can be displayed. To install such gallery template, simply download the patch file on any local OnyxCeph³™ network client and load  via menu Options|Install Patch. Done this, the layout will be available on all clients.2


 [Preview] IOS_1
 [Preview] IOS_2
 [Preview] IOS_3
 [Preview] IOS_4
 [Preview] IOS_5 Ceph
 [Preview] IOS_6
 [Preview] IOS_7
 [Preview] IOS_8
 [Preview] IOS_9 Mixed Cast
 [Preview] IOS_10 Permanent Cast
 [Preview] IOS_11 Progress Report
 [Preview] Pre_Post_Frontal


1 Of course, also all Galerie-Templates can be used to create presentations|slides. To do so, simply activate the template to be used in the common template liste for presentations before.

 2 Please note that it might be necessary to customize the layouts with respect to the individual parameters for image size, font size, and desktop settings etc. on the local client.
Read more about how to customize templates here.

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