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At least since the legal regulations for storaging dental models have been extented, more and more orthodontists are looking for possibilities to use digital models instead of plaster casts as an affordable and space-saving alternative. For these potential users, beside the digital archiving of new cases also the subsequent digitization of all their archive models is in the focus of interest. So far, the advantages of switching to digital models are obvious Link :

  • Saving storage costs
  • Immediate access by patient-related management in their image database software
  • Muliple options for use in diagnostics, treatment planning, patient education and case documentation

Both references below should support those interested to find the best suited scanner hardware for their practice or laoratory. However, to be on the save side, we havde to emphasize that there are is a large nubmer of similar products available in this growing market segment meanwhile. Nevertheless, many of our users confirm that using these scanners in combination with our imaging software OnyxCeph³™ was established as a stable, reliable and cost-effective scan solution in their daily practice. This applies specifically to requirements in orthodontics like 

  • High surface scan resolution on and between crowns and in the gingiva region
  • Fast scanning workflow (should take less than 5 min for a complete model scan)
  • Reliable and automatic registration upper vs. lower jaw scan
  • Acceptable Data Volume (less than 15Byte for both jaws before attaching base trays)
  • Patient-related scanning and data management (imaging software interface required)

but also regarding a reasonable value-for-money ratio. 

Model Scanner scanBox by smartoptics


  • Fully automated, optical fringe projection scanner
  • Scan software orthoXscan
  • USB interface
  • Software interface OnyxCeph³™



  • Scanning of singel jaw models and jaw segments
  • Simple installation and easy operation
  • Optical status information by LED line
  • Mesh density control
  • Size (W x H x D)  360 x 310 x 390mm
  • Weight: 11kp

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Model Scanner S300 ARTI by Zirkonzahn


  • Fully automated, optical fringe projection scanner
  • PC and Monitor
  • Scan software ZZScan
  • Software interface OnyxCeph³™



  • Twin camera scanning
  • High-speed LAN-cameras
  • Extra large measuring field
  • Verschiedene Modellhalter
  • Scan of all types of articulators
  • Precision ≤ 10 μm
  • Size (W x H x D)  260 x 580 x 440mm
  • Weight: 18kp

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